1. I’m feeling impatient! What is the lead-time?

We know you’re excited about creating your own unique food truck and we are too. We typically turn most food trucks around in 2 to 3 months.

2. Do you do the licensing?

We can guide you through the process, but remember, we’re not a government entity.  However, we can also do the licensing for you for a fee.

3. What is the price range?

Our prices are very reasonable. You can have your own stunning food truck for between USD 35k to USD 135k. This is dependent on the selection of size and specifications to fit your requirements. We will give you a detailed quote once you have finalized your specifications.

4. Is the kitchen equipment included in the price?

No, the kitchen equipment is not included in the price.  We are flexible to work with any kitchen supplier of your choice. If you require a kitchen supplier, we can share with you our database of recommended suppliers and can manage the installation process for you.

5. What about the warranty?

Our Trailers/trucks come with a one-year warranty in the UAE

6. Do you have any trucks/trailers available for sale?

No. Most of our food trucks are custom made to order.  However, we come across ready-made food trucks from time to time.  Please ask us for availability.

7. Do you rent your truck/trailers?

Yes! We have some for rent and you can find details on the website.

8. Do you build as per the requirement of the country where the trailer will be operated?

Yes! We do in the UAE and are able to do so internationally if you give us the requirements.

9. Can we roam around the city and park wherever we want?

Not in the UAE.  You can park in events after getting the approval from the event organizer, you can park and lease a spot in designated areas by the municipality, or agree to park in a private property.

10. Can we install gas?

Yes. However we request you to discuss this with us.

11. What is the capacity of the water tanks?

Our water tanks have a capacity of 120 liters. If you have a specific requirement we can accommodate for that too. Just talk to us about them!

12. How many ACs and what is the capacity per each?

We can add up to three, depending on the size of the truck or trailer of course.

13. Can you build trailer for other purposes than food?

Yes, we can build trucks and trailers for any purpose. Have a chat with us about your requirements and let’s get creative!